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Sterling H

The first Sterling truck produced was in 1906, and produced under the name of Sternburg. In 1915, after a French dealer had trouble getting the French government to purchase trucks with such a German name. All Sternburg trademarks were changed to Sterling. From that point on, all vehicles produced bore the Sterling name.

The famous H and R models were first produced in 1945. The difference was that the R model had a wider and thicker radiator, for greater cooling ability, and was originally intended for West Coast operators.

In 1951, White Motor Company purchased all of the assets of Sterling. In 1953, all operations were moved to the White factory in Cleveland,OH.. After 1951, all of these trucks produced were designated as Sterling-White trucks.

West Coast Fast Freight was formed at the end of World War II. From a small beginning, it rapidly grew through acqusition, and dedicated service. In 1954, P.I.E. had purchased West Coast, and operated it as a seperate unit until 1956, when the two companies were fully merged.