Brockway 260
GMC H 9500
Peterbuilt COE
Peterbuilt 281
Peterbuilt 351
Sterling H

Brockway Motor Trucks was formed in 1912, in Cortland, New York. Brockway was acquired by Mack Trucks, of allentown, Pa., and remained an independent marque until 1977, when production ended.

The 260 Model is one of Brockway's most famous trucks. Despite its pre-war design, this model was produced into the mid 1950's. The famous grille guard was added in the mid 1940's, and a new cab design, with panoramic windshield was added in 1951.

Mushroom Transportation got its name in 1925, when it began hauling operations in Kennett Square, Pa., "The Mushroom Capital of the World". In 1934, daily freight operations started between Philadelphia and Buffalo, N.Y.

At their height Mushroom employed 900 people in 20 terminals, and had a fleet of 1,000 units. Deregulation, a downturn in the economy, and increased competition, forced Mushroom into bankruptcy in 1985, and shutdown in 1986.