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By the late 1970's, almost all of the great die-cast manufacturers were either out of business or in serious financal trouble. As a collector of die-cast vehicles since 1962, I saw the loss of these companies as a sad part of hobby industry history.

After studying the demise of these companies, and the market in general, I found that there was still demand from collectors, like myself, for quality replicas to add to their collections, especially of commercial and fire apparatus vehicles. What had caused these companies to fail was a combination of rising development and production cost involved in the die-casting process, and competition from other facets of the hobby industry itself. It was determined if high quality models could be produced by alternative production methods, a viable business could be sustained by the manufacture and sale of limited production replicas to the collector market.

In 1980, DeHanes Models was formed with the goal of producing an ongoing line of high quality replicas of commercial and fire apparatus vehicles for collectors and enthusiast alike.

While the collection has focused on U.S. based prototypes, it is not limited to them. We have included the White Trucks of Canada, Labatt's Streamliner, produced for Labatt Brewer's celebration of the restoration of the real Streamliner for Expo '86. We are currently working on a Canadian based Hayes Clipper 200, with a few other Hayes models planned, as well as those by Scott, Sicard, and Pacific.

Through the years, we have produced models for Ford Motor Company,Wise Potato Chips, MacKay & Company, Lionel Collectors Club of America, and UPS, to name a few. In the mid 1980's we helped to develop a number of replicas for the Danbury Mint and Market Team, for Navistar. In 1999, we worked with Mr. Colin Hill, of Corgi Classics,U.K. to develop their commercial vehicle line for the U.S. market. The developmental foundation was also laid for their much hearlded American Classic Fire Truck collection.

Today, despite a time when many in the business have closed up shop, DeHanes Models is still going strong. We have remained competitive by doing everything from product development ,to final production, in house. Our prices are consistant with many of the current oversea production replicas, and more reasonable than those produced in Europe. We do not stock costly inventory, as all of our replicas are built to order. Collectors can choose from a large number of cab, body, and trailer styles, colors and amenities, to create truly unique models for their collections.

With 30 years of service to the collector, we would like to offer our sincere thanks to you, the collector and enthusiast, for your continued support and interest in our models.